Art’s Mirrored Splendor: Panalmingan’s Enchanting Exhibit

In a world filled with the hustles and bustles of everyday struggles, granting ourselves a moment of pause may sometimes just be everything that we need to reflect on how far we have gone, the things we have accomplished, the dreams we have chased, the truths we have faced, and the ideals that we have chosen. Sometimes, a gaze into artistic pieces can bring us the clarity that we need to appreciate the true meaning of our journey. We may stumble upon and experience such things once we pay a visit on Robinson’s Place Naga where “Panalmingan” an art exhibition takes place.

“Panalmingan” is a term that refers to places where the shimmering allure mirrors or glass objects are present, thus, one can see their reflections on them. Such was the theme of the art exhibit in Naga which according to Mr. Richard Cruz from the Kintab Artists Group Inc. (KAGI) who curated it, was meant to mirror our cultures, faiths, and the unique tapestry of our lives. Set in harmony with the vibrant Peñafrancia festival which honors the miraculous Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia, this artistic display presents a wide array of artworks showcasing the hopes, struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices of ordinary people in connection with our faiths and traditions during September.

The exhibit is a symbolic tapestry weaving together the enigmatic works of the various artists from the 11 art groups who hailed from the artistic heartlands of Daet, Libmanan, Naga, Tabaco, Iriga, Legazpi, and Catanduanes. The masterpieces also come with a kaleidoscope of styles and types of art including oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and watercolor paintings. The gallery also boasts three-dimensional masterpieces including wondrous wood sculptures, highly-detailed dioramas, and intricate resin sculptures—all telling their own unique stories.

This gathering of skills and artistic visions is a journey into the minds and hearts of various artists who have poured their souls into their creations. Every single artwork is a glimpse of a different reality, a different narrative, a different feeling. The visitors can experience the wonder and inspiration of the masterpieces, and even acquire a piece of art that speaks to their hearts the most. Mr. Cruz said that his aim is to provide a space where artists can express their dreams and desires with the masses, and where the masses can acknowledge and celebrate their skills in return. The exhibit opened on September 10 and will last on September 30—a unique chance to witness the magic and beauty of art.

To shorten, “Panalmingan” is an art exhibition nestled in the heart of Robinson’s Place Naga where the artworks echo the tapestry of our lives and faiths. Curated by Mr. Richard Cruz, The gallery displays the works of various artists hailing from Daet, Libmanan, Naga, Tabaco, Iriga, Legazpi, and Catanduanes to weave together a rich tapestry of artistic expressions. Oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, and three-dimensional wonders tell the stories of hope, struggle, triumph, and sacrifice all over the gallery and each piece offers all visitors a chance to glimpse into the different realities, narratives, and emotions expressed by the artists in their enchanting works. In fact, it is more than a showcase of art but a celebration of dreams, desires, and the unyielding faith of Bicolanos. Let the echoes of artworks linger in your heart, inspiring your own unique journey by visiting “Panalmingan” art exhibit. | Jerwin Basas

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