Featuring Tia Bita: Legazpi City’s late night wanderer

Ever wandered around Legazpi City with the thought of ‘where to eat’ in the middle of the night? Look no further for Tia Bita is always to the rescue! Filled with late night cravings of homemade delicacies in the street – their food portions will either satisfy your taste buds or will push you for more.

Located at the joint of Ayala Malls Legazpi and BPI Legazpi Rotonda branch – Tia Bita has been seen as the classic savory of native Bicolano delicacies such as Bicol express, Kinunot, and even local foods that would possibly make you in awe once you tasted it while watching the night lights of the sleepy city.

As most of the old Legazpeño residents say, “Hindi ka taga-Legazpi kung hindi ka pa nakakain kay Tia Bita,” – the ancient scheme of becoming one of the oldest and most popular eating spot for people with graveyard shifts, doing an all-night bar hopping, or an evening stroll.

In the well-lighted corridor and right after the traffic lights of Ayala stops getting busy, bystanders can hear the clashes of kitchen utensils that the descendants of Tia Bita use in their venture every night, bringing a full-course menu on cheap round tables available for dinner or even early morning feats.

Tia Bita, aside from being one of the oldest eating stations in Legazpi City which only opens up at night until early morning – is also a resident of Legazpi City’s Stilianapolous building, which is among the few old structures left during the Spanish era.

Meanwhile, its rich and thriving history reflects to what kind of services they have to offer now – their homemade delicacies sprout the best among the old kitchens in Albay like their very own pinakbet, adobo, and fried rice.

Aside from these Filipino dishes, Tia Bita also offers fried hotdogs, longganisa, fried eggplants, fried eggs, and even other vegetable delicacies bound for home or even on-the-go.

Kaya kung nagawi ka man sa Legazpi at inabot ka ng gabi, dumaan ka saglit kay Tia Bita – where your food away from home tastes better! | Danica Roselyn Lim

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