Moót Essential: A Therapeutic Essential Oil of Naga City

Need aromatherapy? Worry no more! Moót essential is ready to offer an extravagant aroma of essential oils for room diffusers, body oils, multispray, and perfumes extracted using Filipino ingredients.

Moót Essential’s company has become a booming venture in the business industry since its opening in 2003. And just this May 2023, the brand Moót opened in Shangri-La Plaza for Orgullo Kan Bicol (OKB) fair. 

Young entrepreneur Assela Wales from Naga City, named her business Moót Essential because the word Moót is rooted from the Bicolano root word ‘pagkamoót’ which means love. 

The young entrepreneur believes that creating and crafting every product should be rooted in love. 

In an interview, Wales admits that one of her inspirations in creating products using local ingredients was a local brand in Thailand. 

“We want to create products using our own, local ingredients. In abroad, like in Thailand, they use Kalachuchi, their national flower, to make different kinds of products, not just in cosmetics. In Moót Essentials, we want to do the same. We want our customers to be aware that we can create more products than what is in the market,” Wales said.

With that being said, Moót Essential offers products in different fragrances using oils extracted from local flowers such as Rosal, Ylang ylang, Sampaguita, Algodon (cotton), White tea, and Ulan (water lily).

Their products are beneficial because they are offered in different antioxidant and antibacterial variations. 

For orders and inquiries, you can reach Moót Essential at their facebook page: Moót Essential and instagram account: Moót Essential (@mootessentials). You can also directly email them | Stephanie De Leon

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