Bereaved Australian families thanked responders in joint statement

LEGAZPI CITY — During the commendation rites that commenced Monday, March 6, at Nuyda Park, Camalig, Albay, the bereaved families of the two Australian nationals who died in the Cessna 340 plane crash released a joint statement. 

In behalf of the families, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Energy Development Corporation (EDC) Richard Tantoco, read the letter to the attendees of the said event.

The family thanked several organizations and official responders involved in the operations along with the brave mountaineers and locals who successfully retrieved the bodies of their deceased family member. 

“They thoroughly enjoyed their work trips to the Philippines and returned home with pleasant memories of this precious time abroad. They were great admirers of the Philippine community’s caring and compassionate attitude,” excerpt from the letter.

The letter described the two Australians that died in the crash in a positive light that they will never be forgotten. 

“They had so much more to give and our hearts are broken by our devastating loss,” they stated. 

The families of Filipino pilot and co-pilot Joel Martin and Rufino James Crisostomo Jr. also received love and sympathy from the Australian families.

They also expressed their gratitude to the government of Australia, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), the Australian Federal Police, and other National and South Austrian Organizations for their continuous support. | Aaron John Baluis