6 one-stop-snacks to try when going around Albay

Albay will always be a home to the majestic Mt. Mayon. From it’s breath-taking view to it’s yore and valiant history that made every Albayano resilient and proud of their roots, Albay is truly a destination to visit. 

But what other things to enjoy in Albay other than Mt. Mayon? It’s food. Buckle your seat belts and hold tight as we give you six dishes you can munch as you go on a round trip around Albay!

DjC Halo-Halo

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Photo by Gessel Borre

If you happen to be in the first district of Albay, make sure to visit DjC Halo-Halo at San Lorenzo St., Tiwi, Albay.

This snack inn is known for serving one of the best and oldest halo-halo which started way back in 1987. Their halo-halo uses typical ingredients found in the cold dessert, but what makes their halo-halo special is the great balance of flavors. 

DjC halo-halo has a generous amount of ingredients like minatamis na saging ng saba (sweetened banana plantain), ube halaya (purple yam), red gelatin, macapuno, good amount of evaporated and condensed milk, and lots of sprinkled cheese on top serving you a great combination of sweet, creamy, and salty flavors.

However, what makes this simple dessert unique and special, I believe, is their shaved ice. Instead of using regular water, they produce their ice with coconut juice and is finely shaved into small bits making it a lot easier to mix. That complete balance of ingredients (80%) and ice (20%) makes DjC halo-halo a one of a kind halo-halo in town.

DjC halo-halo is served in two versions, special (P70) and supreme (P85) with an additional milk that costs P15. 

Rice Puto Macapuno

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Photo by Nick Astig

Getting tired of a long road-trip? Pull-over for a while at the side streets of Paulog as no one makes a good kind of glutinous rice puto macapuno other than the street vendors of Paulog in Ligao City. 

This sunflower city of the province has stored one of the best glutinous rice dish. Cooked in its most traditional way, Ligao City’s rice puto macapuno has a good chewy texture of rice puto on the outside and a sweet, coco-nutty macapuno filling on the inside. 

Sold at P20 per three pieces, this sticky rice dish will surely satisfy your hunger as you rest on your car’s bunker. Make sure to eat this while it’s still hot to experience the maximum level of joy!

Longganisa de Guinobatan

IMG 7289
Photo by Benjan Carlo Olayres

‘Dawa sadit-sadit, manamit!’

Hailing from the land of Gen. Simeon Ola, the last Filipino general to surrender to the American government, the town of Guinobatan, Albay produces one of the most unique sausages, longganisa to exist. 

Longganisa de Guinobatan has a very distinct size difference compared to a typical longganisa we know. Almost like length of a pinky finger, longganisa de Guinobatan is prepared the most natural way with little-to-no preservatives or msg included. 

Heavily grounded with pig meat, specifically the neck part, it is manually chopped into small bits marinated with soy sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, and minced garlic. It also has two versions called, “de recado” which is the savory and salten flavored longganisa, and “de hamonado” which refers to the sweeten version.

Best eaten as a snack or combo for silog meals, longganisa de Guinobatan is just perfect for those who crave for something savory (and little heavy) to munch.

Aida’s Pansit Dinuguan

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Photo by Bicol Food Trip

Coined as every Ligaoeños’ weakness, this pansit dinuguan by Aida’s Pansitan and Eatery is one of the constant and go-to noodle meal of every Ligaoeños.

Located along the Maharlika Highway in Sta. Cruz Ligao, City, this pansit dinuguan is best served hot with good amount of noodle and dinuguan. As a local customer’s advice, you can enjoy Aida’s pansit dinuguanby adding turon or lumpia which can be bought in the eatery as well. And no, it’s not just your typical pansit as this dish is mastered by the family for decades which becomes the reason why it was loved by every locals and visitors of Ligao.

Up for some good combo snack? Try Aida’s pansit dinuguan now!

Oas’ Homemade Siomai

Never trust a siomai lover if they’ve never tried this homemade siomai from Oas, Albay. 

Served as fried or steamed, this pork siomai is best eaten with their sweetened sauce, toyo-mansi, and fried garlic with an additional chili sauce to those who wants some kick of spice. 

Don’t forget to try this siomai when you visit (or passed by) Oas at the town’s public market and share the experience with your family and friends!

Arra’s Marascotes

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Photo by Renato Jao

Complete your road-trip experience at the first district of Albay by trying out this family-mastered pastry in Tabaco City. 

The Arra Marcasotes of Borganio family is one of the most ‘OG’ and authentic marcasotes to find in the province. With only three main ingredients, you will be amazed with how delightful and delicious this sponge cake could turn out. 

Baked in it’s most traditional manner, each marcasotes mixture is set to mix for an hour and baked to 45 minutes two large clay pot. It’s rose-like bread has a great crust and crunch on top while a steaming, spongy, and soft cake will greet you as you bite in through the insides. 

Arra’s Marcasotes can be freshly bought at the house of Borganio family in P4 Salvacion, Tabaco City. 

That’s six one-stop snacks you can find and try here in Albay. Surely, there’s a lot more to enjoy in this province of Magayon but what’s more important is we got to share our culture while also learning each other’s story as we get the most of our experience on our travel. Stay safe and let’s observe proper food and road etiquette to ensure safety in every ride. | Ken Oliver Balde