[Peak]ing: A Hawker Chan-based epitome

The sparkling clamour of a 1-star Michelin restaurant stirs SM City Legazpi’s ground floor abode as another Hawker Chan’s franchise opened; their 2nd chain in Bicol after their Sorsogon stop.

During the press event on Wednesday, Feb. 15, the tasting menu stood out with its side dish braised tofu with egg and seasonal vegetables, meat platter with stir fry noodles as main dish, Chendol and Ice Kachang as desserts, with barley calamansi and honey citron soda as drinks.

Despite the scrawny ambiance after the writh of the pandemic, another pacifying diner recoils to satisfy Legazpenos’ crave for international cuisines, hence, a Singapore-Malaysian place is enough to make customers indulge themselves in the patriarchy of splurging with the weight of a handful menu. 

According to Eric Dee, COO of Foodie Global Concept, the affordability of the brand make them believe that it is also viable in the provincial setting, taking the chance to further move forward in regional locations. 

He emphasized that their authentic Chinese food, specifically their roasting dishes are their pivotal points in their service. 

“We are serving you authentic Chinese food specifically roasting dishes which I think is available pa here in Legazpi. Uniquely also I think ang nanotice natin ay ang duck namin has been selling a lot specially dito sa provinces which I feel dahil wala masyadong nagbibenta ng duck. Despite our chicken being the most famous or ang pinaka sellable item namin in Metro Manila, the duck becomes like a rising star kumbaga,” Dee  said in an interview with Bicol.PH.

Accessibility over quality

Anchoring accessibility more than quality are among the risks that post-pandemic diners are trying to serve, practically another provincial capital for amusing Filipino-inspired setting into a local point for traction and affordability. 

Despite the sudden shift, most food restos are evolving which fires up the thirst for most food enthusiasts, and chains like Hawker Chan is among the choices people could consider and butter up, cheap yet fine-dining, a claw-like approach for people willing to try and to risk the flavors of adamant spending. 

Comparing and disintegrating the services of most local fastfood services where you order, pay, sit, and wait for your food is a big no-no, Hawker Chan ought to partake quality service with the cheapest rate for about 3 US Dollars, a prying concept for people who wanted to take the chance and experience fine-dining at a low cost. 

Unconsciously, people often get the thrill out of luxurious anticipations after the economy has rekindled its stability little by little after the 2-year gap caused by COVID-19, restrictions started to lielow and this opportunity was hopped on by business owners, expanding chains and branches to garner the public’s appetite for another thriving preference.

Flak of the versions

In the food industry, most menus in diners are inspired by the curating chef’s unique pieces, travelling ideas, historical auspicions and the likes – referencing which revolutionary menu would attract the mainstream regulars. 

Thus, this staple was often subsided by its costs, just like Hawker Chan’s version 2.0 of its Singapore-Malaysian flavors, and the service provided as additional.

Despite the flak that their second version received, Dee still emphasized the distinct difference of their service in comparison to other food outlets which they have categorized. 

“The original version 1 was a little bit more quick service. So when I say quick service, makukumpara mo sa mga Jollibee, Mang Inasal na ‘yung pagpasok mo, order ka tapos hintayin mo ‘yung food mo upo ka. Versus what we’re doing now is that sit down, may konting service. To justify kung bakit kami at a certain price so parang we updated it a little bit para magkaroon ng value for the customers,” Dee said. 

About choosing the right one

Ahead the brink of satisfaction in different levels and understandable situations, customers should still think about the tranquility of not just their wallets but also the quality they deserve. 

Without the over-spending manifestations and the gradual inhibitions of ‘where to go?’ questions, it is still possible to take every chance in exploring locations, restaurants, and services one at a time. 

Choosing the right one does not just affect your love and intimacy checks, but also your choices in fine-dining as well as splurging deals that could often make you rethink of your life decisions. 

It is not always what you call the ‘standard,’ sometimes, considering  the ‘quality’ you deserve is the best option. | via Danica Roselyn Lim

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Photos: Renato Jao