100 Istoryang Albayano, Segment 10

By Abdon M. Balde Jr.


There is an eco-park at Lidong which serves as a jump-off point in trekking up the majestic Mayon Volcano. There are picnic and camping facilities in the park. There are cottages and pavilions in the compound that are provided with living facilities. These are ideal sites for team-building activities for families, clans and corporate organizations.

Actually there are many other trails in going up the crater of Mayon Volcano, but many of these are forbidden by the Provincial Government because of the dangers and the lack in facilities along these other trails. Climbers must ask permission from the Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office before attempting to climb. There are accredited trekking guides and equipment that could be availed of by trekkers and climbers.


All-terrain vehicles are available for rides in many camps around Mayon Volcano, in Cagsawa Ruins Park, in Lingyon Hill, in Sto Domingo and others. These vehicles are designed to travel the rugged terrains of sand, rocks, rivers and streams.

But travels are always accompanied by guides. Riders are discouraged from wandering to uncharted areas because of the dangerous ravines and cliffs. Riders may take the nine (9)-kilometer and 45-minute ride going to the Lava Front of Mayon Volcano from the foot of Ligñon Hill crossing small rivers and rocky areas of the galley. Upon reaching the lava front, you will get to see the lava that came out of the volcano during its several eruptions which already turned into volcanic rocks.