Hidden gems at Fiesta Bicolandia

There were a few gems in the last Fiesta Bicolandia fair by the DOT V at Ayala Malls Legazpi that went largely unnoticed. As a fair junkie, it was the small stores at the 2nd floor that I found very interesting.

The usual products were, as always, present. These were the longganisa, ceramics, assortment of pili sweets and snack chips, handicrafts, etc. If you are a regular at every local fairs, they would be very familiar and I’m sure you have tried them at some point.

There were however a few that stood out both in quality and price. Here they are and where to find them now that the fair has ended.

4. The Abaca paper from Catanduanes.

The province is reviving this industry. Catanduanes produces a lot of abaca and is one of the major supplier in the country. The paper will surely have its many uses. Too bad there were none available other than paintings done on abaca paper. Perhaps next time, they can highlight the paper itself.

If you are interested, you may inquire at Catanduanes Tourism Promotions, mobile no. 0919-9990872 or email: itsmorefunincatanduanes@gmail.com

IMG 3772

3. Pili chocolates by RAINS Delicacies from Camalig.

Rains is known for its many Pili delicacies so I was surprised to see some new variants displayed at their booth. The Orange Cacao and Pili, a combination of roasted pili with 62% dark chocolate and a dash of orange to balance the sweetness, is a runaway winner. The Coffee Cacao & Pili is also equally good. Both products are of superior quality and can easily top many national brands.

You can check their fb page: RAINS DELICACIES, mobile no. 0917-5584983 or email: rainsdelicraft@gmail.com

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2. Leather products from Masbate.

Masbate is the cowboy country of Bicol and with that monicker comes many products made from leather. There was even an artisan making leather items such as purse, wallet, belts and other small items at their booth. On display too were boots and hats.

All the products were designed to last long making your purchase worth it .

You may inquire at Masbate Tourism Office, mobile no. 0946-591-6628 or email: masbateprovincialtourism@gmail.com

IMG 3776

1. Mushrooms and veggies from El Miro.

Oyster mushrooms, lettuce, other fresh veggies were at the booth of El Miro, a farm tourism site located in Camalig. Not only were they surprisingly affordable, the quality was also excellent. At first glance, you can easily spot the freshness.

You can buy from them at their farm (bring along the family too and explore the farm) in Camalig. You can inquire at mobile no. 0969-1475216 or 0926-0550394 or email: elmirodeshei@gmail.com

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Here’s hoping for more gems in future fairs. I via Bicolano Man

Photos: Renato Jao