Update: Red tide poisoning in Milagros, Masbate

At least 25 individuals, including four minors were rushed to a hospital on Monday, October 10, in Milagros, Masbate after eating Katipay or Tipay (windowpane oyster) with scientific name Placuna Placenta and Baliad (goldlip/blacklip pearl oyster) with scientific name Pinctada spp. 

This was two days after BFAR Bicol issued a warning to the public of existing shellfish ban due to the presence of red tide along the coastal waters of Milagros.

The victims manifested symptoms such as vomiting and stomach pain. 11 of them were admitted at the Rural Health Unit of Milagros while the 14 others were endorsed to the Masbate Provincial Hospital. All patients are now in stable condition but are still recuperating as of Tuesday afternoon. 

According to Rodrigo Lining, People’s Organization President of Sitio Buracay Bangad, Milagros, the baliad shellfish were gathered in the coastal barangays of Magsalangi and Calasuche, Milagros.

The BFAR-Provincial Fisheries Office of Masbate had collected shellfish meat left-overs and plankton samples in the area for laboratory examination. 

The BFAR 5 continues to warn the public to refrain from gathering, selling, transporting and consuming shellfish and alamang from the affected areas while red tide alert is currently up in the coastal waters of Milagros, Masbate to prevent possible health hazard.

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Photos: BFAR Bicol


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