Feast of Faith

Many people attest to the belief that whenever Inang Magayon (Nuestra Senora de Salvation) is aboard a boat, fish emerge and gather near the shorelines, serving as a testament to her miraculous presence.

This belief has once again become evident as a school of fish was witnessed near the shoreline of Tiwi shortly after the fluvial parade from the coastal areas of Tiwi to Sawangan Park in Legazpi City on May 1, which was then followed by a series of miraculous events.

Evangelyn Imperial, executive committee member of the event, recalled that as the boats passed by, all the fish swarmed towards the shore, resulting in a bountiful catch for the local folks in the town. Imperial also highlighted some occurrences during and after the fluvial procession.

“Iyong mga bangka po para po silang tinutulak ng hangin, instead of bumagal dahil may mga pasahero, there are 20 plus na mga pasahero for each palakaya compared to the dry run na lima lang na coast guard ang sakay, so mas mabilis po para daw silang tinutulak ng hangin,” Imperial said.

It can be recalled that the boats that were used during the grand maritime procession arrived in Sawangan Park, Legazpi City, at around 10 in the morning, which was two hours prior to the expected time of arrival calculated during the dry run. 

Furthermore, a multiplication of bread and fish was also witnessed in Sawangan Park on the same day through the collaborative spirit among volunteers and attendees who were able to donate foods and water for the people. 

“Iyon po yung mga nakakatuwa dito sa event na may pupuntang Rotarian, may pupuntang mga JCI, they will give water; they will give bread, sandwiches, siopao, and water. Those people na pumunta lang po just to volunteer to support and donate,” Imperial said.

The organizers were able to feed more than 7,000 people, despite only having 800 food packs during the said event.

“Ito po yung proof ng one of the miracles ng Ina… the maritime procession is a testament na ang milagro ni Ina naipakita noong May 1,” Imperial said, emphasizing the miracles shown by Our Lady of Salvation during the opening of the Magayon festival. | Lyzha Mae Agnote

Photo: Evangeline Imperial