As Pista Nin Teatro 2024 has come to a close, the 3-day back-to-back-to-back of 17 theater shows that started on April 4-6, Albay Astrodome was left with nothing but hope, realization and appreciation towards the theater companies and the stories they have portrayed.

Here is a rundown of the performances that set foot on the Pista nin Teatrong Bikolnon stage.

  1. Higit Sa Pag-Ibig: The Musical by Sining Banwa and Dawani Project (Legazpi City)

Barangay Eskwala is back! The popular theater musical written and directed by festival director, Sari Saysay, opened the Pista nin Teatrong Bikolnon stage on its first night. This show introduces a community living under the circumstances of poverty. A bond stronger like a family bound by blood is formed and the characters figure out how to protect their home from the threat of demolition.  

Higit sa Pag-ibig


  1. Korona by Teatro Tabaqueño (Tabaco City)

In a scene during a zumba session, the characters started to rant and rave about how they are treated in society. Emphasizing different stories of women, this play sets out to make viewers wonder which among these women deserve the crown. Should only one be deserving of it?

  1. Si Al Buda an Tsinelas by UST-Legazpi SPA (Legazpi City)

The main character, Al, loves to dance and wanted to join the fiesta’s “pabayle,” however, her father was not pleased with the idea as they were struggling financially. But becoming a passionate and dedicated dancer, she defies her father’s wishes.  Al steps in an adventure to find out how she will be able to dance freely. 

Si Al Buda an Tsinelas
  1. Nihil Timendum Est by Tabsing Kolektib (Bulan, Sorsogon)

Based on a real story, the death of a graduating law student made a huge impact on his father and girlfriend. They look back on memories to express their grief. They are left to wonder what life would have been if he did not fall into the arms of wrongful people. 

Nihil Temendum Est
  1. An Kaogmahan ni Art by Burabod Artists (Legazpi City)

Art, a writer and musician, encountered a dilemma that affected his passion. Audience of the show witnessed how he was able to come back to writing and singing amidst his existential crisis. 

An Kaogmahan ni Art
  1. F.Y.P., Yes for you by Act Avenue (Pasig City)

Blue, a transwoman and a popular Drag artist in Thailand, traveled back to the Philippines, bumped into her childhood crush, Luke and later became her boyfriend. With the obstacles brought by personal problems, their relationship was jeopardized. The characters struggle to figure out how to fight for their love for each other.

F.Y.P., Yes for you
  1. Maria, Maria by USI Concert Chorus (Naga City)

Maria has the reputation of being the “Maria Clara” of their family. However, it is not always as it seems to be that is why Maria feared that people would find her unlovable once they saw her real self. Two men are competing for her love but she is resisting it because of her fear of society finding out that she is not as gentle, soft and conservative as she projects to be.

Maria, Maria
  1. SKATES by Cavite NHS-SHS Art Vox Club (Cavite City)

SKATES introduces ten characters that are interconnected with each other’s lives. Waiting for the jeep to fill up, the audience understands how each of their destination or purpose is vital for a diverse and equal society.

  1. Ang Simula ay Dulo  by CNSC Dulayag (Daet, Camarines Norte)

Set in the Spanish Colonization period, Sinagtala fled to escape from an arranged marriage. Cariño, her ex-lover, found each other reviving their past and revealing the reason for their separation. Sinagtala finds out that a number of armed men are out to kill her family. On her way back, she realizes who is behind the attempted killings and who the real killer is.

Ang Simula ay Dulo
  1.  Pamahaw na Andoy by Teatro Aliento de Ateneo (Naga City)

Saring, vividly relives the abusive marriage with her husband, Andoy. Mourning over the loss of her son, she comes to repeat her daily routine until her brother calls to check up on her.

Pamahaw na Andoy
  1.  /Trapped./ by Shepherd Pictures (Bulacan)

Features only one character that is surrounded by red strings attached to a woman. In a monologue, the character reveals that the meaning of the red strings tied to her is the assumptions and statements that target women and imply that women have always been weak through all generations.

  1. Tag-Araw by SL Babaylan (Pilar, Sorsogon)

Portrays the lives of Gab and Chris, two LGBTQIA+ individuals who dealt with activism, betrayal and love in an orthodox society amid martial law. 

  1. Emelina Regis’ Dalawang Mukha ng Kagubatan by Sangre de Naga (Naga City)

A drama concerning an argument between Death and Mother nature on the fate of the family who mistreat the environment by cutting down trees for the sake of money.

Emelina Regis
  1.  Byahero by Sining Lila (Legazpi City)

A student interviews female jeepney drivers about their thoughts on the modernization of jeepneys. An interactive performance that aimed to know the thoughts of the audience about the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

  1.  Tinubuang Lupa by Tanghalang SLU (Baguio City)

Bilong and Editha’s home is threatened by a dam construction project. Even if they are forced to move they remain strong and stay in the land they grew up in. They met the children of an old friend and welcomed them to their home until they came to face the downfall of their community. 

Tinubuang Lupa
  1. Kan Madakop ni Juancho an Manok ni San Pedro by Tanghalang Artikulo (Pilar, Sorsogon)

A comedic play about the miraculous chicken statue that went missing and was later found by Juancho. Curious and couldn’t believe that the chicken was miraculous, he stroked the bird’s head five times, and without warning, a golden egg fell out from it. The golden egg then made him and his friends rich.

Kan Madakop ni Juancho an Manok ni San Pedro
  1.  Pilipinas, Geym ka na ba? by Umalohokan, Inc (Los Baños, Laguna)

Mayor Buboy went to Barangay Pinapili to celebrate the fiesta. While they were having a joyful celebration of the fiesta, a firework suddenly went in their direction causing chaos. Suddenly they were inside a mysterious room that had no way out. Pipoy, a young child possessing an odd power to control space, asked them to play games with him in return for their freedom. A number of traditional Filipino games were played, many with evil implications. 

Pilipinas, Geym ka na ba?

The success of Pista nin Teatro 2024 draws attention to the role of Theater Arts in Society. This year’s roster of performances tackled societal issues such as hazing, violence against women, climate change, urbanization and modernization in a way that the audience could understand and ponder about.

Although there was risk that was detrimental, Pista nin Teatro pushed forward and opened our eyes to the many things happening in society today. Festival director, Sari Saysay officially closed the program by announcing next year’s Pista nin Teatro theme which is; “Gimata: Reclaiming People’s Narratives”.  

From here on, Pista nin Teatro 2024 lends us ears to understand the issues that society continues to face. In 2025, Pista nin Teatro will open our eyes to stories that were kept untold of those who are still victims of an unjust and unfair society.

They will continue to use the stage to express justice and truth. Pista nin Teatro 2025 will make a way for these stories to be heard and for these people to be seen. I Samantha Totanes , Cassandra Vergara