Botanik: Preserving nature through local accessories

Inspired by the natural world, “Botanik” is a homegrown jewellery brand made by hand, aiming to discover beauty in simple things. 

Botanik is coined from “botany” and “boutique” to incorporate a Pinoy touch into the brand, making it unique and indigenous. Ian Ron Bello and Jonathan Nasser Hollon, the owners of Botanik, have combined their creativity and interests—Bello being engrossed with plants and Hollon taking fascination with arts and crafts. 

With their concerted efforts, they create valuable pieces from mundane things that are often overlooked and make them last for a long time. Hollon is in charge of creating the accessories by hand, while Bello conceptualizes, markets, and designs the collections. 

Botanik earrings are made from real flowers. Hollon said that the first step in producing the items is to dry flowers using silica sand for about a maximum of two weeks. After drying, they apply resin to preserve it and retain its original color and shape. 

Since the summer season is officially here, they released their newest summer collection called “Awot Collection,” which centers on mountain flowers. Their Awot Collection consists of six different kinds of flowers: Baltimora, Jade Vine, Xenostegia, Everlasting, Clitoria Mariana, and Cosmos. 

“By creating these flower earrings, we wanted to create conversation para mas lalo nating maintindihan ‘yong connection ng bawat isa, especially ng tao at ng nature, because we are always part of nature. And siguro, by wearing our earrings, we are always reminded that we are part of nature at hindi tayo separate,” Bello said. 

Among the six flowers, jade vine is one of the most treasured flowers that is endemic to the Philippines. “Madami nito sa Bicol, particularly nakuha namin ito sa Banquerohan (Legazpi City), (pero) meron din nito sa Busay Falls (Malilipot), and Sorsogon,” Hollon explained. 

Jade vine is a seasonal flower that blooms only once a year. Unfortunately, jade vine has become an endangered species, considering the decreasing population of bats in the wild that was caused by deforestation. Due to this, jade vine struggles to pollinate. 

Aside from the Awot Collection, Botanik has already released three more collections in the past: the first released collection was the Diwata Collection, followed by the Bituon Holiday Collection for the Christmas season last December, and the Kundiman Collection for Valentines. 

“Wear it with pride because these are flowers that are natural resources reflective of the Filipino,” Bello said, aiming to transcend the message to those interested in their flower accessories.

Botanik wants to raise conversations about the natural heritage of the Philippines, especially the flowers found in the country. The owners believe that there is a distinct connection between the flowers, fauna, and humans; hence, whatever we do always has an impact on nature—emphasizing the beauty and importance of these flowers as they are able to preserve and appreciate the natural accessories seen in the Philippines.

As Botanik does not have a physical store yet, you may search @Botanik Art + Nature on various social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I Samantha Totanes, Cassandra Vergara

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