CamNorteño Films Featured at Bicol University’s SineSinta Event

A free film screening showcasing ten (10) films from the recent Bantayog Film Festival 2023 took center stage at the SineSinta event in the BU East Campus FICC Amphitheater on Friday, February 23.

Organized by BU Bantayog, the student organization of CamNorteños in Bicol University, the event aimed to celebrate National Arts Month, providing a platform for local directors and artists to exhibit their talents and love for cinema. 

Moreover, it served as an avenue to showcase the local stories, lives, and culture of the people in Camarines Norte to a wider audience.

In an interview with Vic Lawrence Moya, Chairperson of BU Bantayog, he expressed the significance of the film screening.

“The main objective of this film screening is to deepen our appreciation for local art despite the popularity of foreign films and series. It is also a demonstration of actual support for our local artists and an encouragement for other students at Bicol University to join our mission in supporting local art,” Moya stated. 

“We opened the SineSinta to everyone because, for me, films and art belong to all people,” Moya added, highlighting the inclusive nature of the event and the universal appeal of cinema and art. | Jeric Lopez

Photo: John Benidick Redondo