Corn Husks Aesthetic 

Legazpi City — Have you ever considered corn husk flowers as a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day bouquets? 

Lorenzo Andes, a 22-year-old student from Bicol University College of Arts and Letters, creatively transforms corn husks into stunning flowers adorned with lights.

According to Andes, the idea for a new business began before February. Initially, he considered using crepe paper but deemed it risky due to its paper nature and difficulty in preservation. Then, he thought about using satin ribbon but realized it was too common and widely used.

He explained that the idea of using corn husks originated during a casual stroll through the Daraga market. “We noticed a vendor selling corn. I saw corn husks being discarded, so we tried asking for them from the vendor. The texture of the husks, similar to crepe paper, adds a unique touch not found in typical bouquet materials,” Andes said.

Andes details the straightforward yet labor-intensive process involved in crafting these unique flowers. Making flowers from corn husks involves separating, sun-drying for two days, dyeing overnight, sun-drying again, flattening to prevent crumpling, and finally transforming them into flowers.

Despite the challenges of being students, Andes and his partner persist in their craft, fueled by the joy derived from positive customer feedback.

“To be honest, it is challenging because it’s labor-intensive, and I need to limit the time spent as I am also studying” he further. 

On the eve of  Valentine’s Day, amid thoughts of traditional fresh blooms, eternal plastic flowers, and trendy floral choices, consider the innovative and sustainable allure of corn husk flowers for a lasting and eco-friendly alternative bouquet. I Alliah Jane Babila

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Photos: Lorenzo Andes