“Art Beat: Tibok ng Sining” showcases Albay’s vibrant artistry in National Arts Month Exhibit

LEGAZPI CITY- Over 70 Albay artists showcased their talents in the “Art Beat: Tibok ng Sining” exhibit, marking the beginning of National Arts Month in February.

Held at the Albay Capitol Lobby, the event was organized by KUGOS Bicol, in collaboration with the Provincial Tourism, Culture, and Arts Office (PTCAO), aligning with the National Arts theme ‘Ani ng Sining, Bayang Malikhain.

Djai Tanji, KUGOS Bicol artist and one of the organizers, expressed satisfaction with the support from the Albay government, “We are very happy because we feel that they prepared for it. They provided us with a great panel, good choice of place and the assistance for setting up the venue”. 

She highlighted the success of the exhibit’s opening, emphasizing the passion, talent, and creativity evident in each artist’s masterpiece.

Encouraging fellow artists, Tanji urged them to “get involved,” participate in exhibits, and explore diverse experiences beyond the studio. 

Painter and photographer Ping Peralta shared that participating in exhibits has become a tradition, stressing the importance of consistently creating artworks. 

“You can’t just be an artist in name, you can’t be called an artist if you don’t have any output or if you’re just copying,” said Peralta.

Dennis Concepcion, founder of ArtLift PH Bicol, showcased his artwork titled “Wildest Dream” and emphasized the authenticity and heart embedded in artists’ creations. He encouraged artists to pursue their passion, assuring them that recognition would follow once they establish their identity.

Meanwhile, students Michelle Salcedo, Mikke Mendaza, and Trizia Aringo from Bicol University Industrial and Technological expressed their satisfaction with the exhibit, rating it 10/10 for its visual presentation, crowd-friendly venue arrangement, and artworks that brought joy to viewers’ eyes.

The “Art Beat: Tibok ng Sining” exhibit, an initiative of PTCAO and curated by KUGOS Bicol Artist, will run until February 29, featuring a diverse range of visual arts, including paintings, photography, gowns, and art crafts. I Alliah Jane Babila

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