A Masterpiece of Beauty, Elegance, and Nature

Karl Mokki Malonzo, a 22-year-old Fine Arts student hailing from Daet, Camarines Norte and currently studying at the University of the Philippines- Baguio, beautifully depicts the essence of Bicolandia in his masterpiece, ‘Three Graces of Bicolandia’.

This piece features three elegant figures inspired by Greek mythology, along with various endemic species in the Philippines including colasisi, ata-ata tree, ebony and mangkono tree, starburst bush, and various endemic orchids, and the majestic Mayon Volcano in the background. 

Malonzo’s aim in creating this piece is for everyone to appreciate the abundant beauty of Filipina women and the captivating landscapes, including the living organisms that surround us, along with the experience of living within them.

Malonzo drew inspiration from the original mythology of the Three Graces, emphasizing mirth, elegance, and beauty. Simultaneously, he translated these elements into his own rendition, presenting them in a timeless-contemporary stylistic approach. 

“I translated these elements into my own rendition. For instance, instead of featuring white women, I chose to depict the three figures with a Filipinized skin tone,” Malonzo said.

This creative process resulted in a unique perspective on the classical Three Graces that is distinctly Filipino.

Through his artwork, Malonzo aims to create an artwork that suggests stories tied to specific things, places, events, or human experiences. He seeks to radiate the energy Mother Nature provides, urging viewers to appreciate the beauty of often overlooked elements in their daily lives. 

Crafted for admiration, this piece invites viewers to notice the subtleties, from simple foliage and flowers to landscapes and surroundings.

Malonzo’s artwork has been showcased at Manila Bang Show, and he describes the experience as incredible. 

Witnessing the impressive works of many talented artists displayed at the art fair added to the overall excitement of the experience. 

“This marked my debut in showcasing my work in the Metro, and being exposed to a broad audience was both overwhelming and inspiring,” he said.

He advises aspiring artists to create art in a way that makes them happy, inspired by their surroundings or what they want to tell to the world. | Jeric Lopez

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Photos: Karl Mokki Malonzo