Bicol’s little Batanes: Kiudkad – The Last Resort in Siruma, Camarines Sur

Looking for what might be the next stop for your bucket list before the year ends? Well, you’re missing it all if you haven’t gone to Siruma, Camarines Sur. Located approximately 2 hours away from Naga City, this coastal municipality treasures breathtaking beaches good for surfing enthusiasts and beach-goers.

Beyond the vicinity of Siruma is Kiudkad – The Last Resort. A unique name filled with diverse stories. The name Kiudkad comes from a variety of legends which was known to pass from one generation to another, bringing different versions such as (1) the history of an elder woman named Kiudkad who used to live within the area, (2) from the Bikol term ‘tukad’ which means to hike up, and (3) when the Americans used to visit the area and found a ‘cute cat’ which was then heard by the locals as ‘Kiudkad.’ Meanwhile, the phrase ‘The Last Resort’ comes from the ideology that the owner, Randall Dagooc, sees the place as his last resort during the verge of pandemic.

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Unlike other beach resorts, Kiudkad has five major houses which international and even local tourists flock despite the difficult terrain. These four major houses namely: Hobbit, Blakhaws, Redhaws, Brownhaws, and Kamarin. All with unique interior designs, located far from each other’s vicinity, with jaw-locking views of both the green fields and the radiating blue sea for Php 13,000 to Php 15,000 per night.

These houses differ in size, space, and even designs. One of their best is the Brownhaws, which used to be a native Filipino style home and was renovated to a European home. According to Macoy De Lima, restaurant and farm-owner also a part-owner of Kiudkad, tourists often have their bookings clogged and they often find it amusing about how the resort receives lots of positive feedbacks from visitors and guests.

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Aside from its clear waters often compared to the Maldives, its view is also often called as the little Batanes of Bicol – particularly describing the waves which was also good for surfing, and its adventurous terrain that seems to be the highlight for visitors that experiences the same load of struggle while driving their way up to Kiudkad. The place is particularly famous for its difficult road which encourages tourists to bring only 4×4 and big-build terrain vehicles upon staying.

Aside from its majestic view, its people will surely bring you peace. From their welcoming smiles and deliciously-cooked food, visitors often wonder when will they come back after they leave, because as special holidays come to a lock – it will be much difficult for them to book for an available day/night to stay in the resort again.

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Separate from the beach houses located at the top of each hill surrounding the area, the wide beach with white and pearly sands can be easily accessed by foot. Just don’t forget to bring your sunblocks and shades for it will be the perfect time cultivating your tan skin. The beach front also comes with a restaurant where you can cook freely while others stroll at the beach.

Loving Siruma and Kiudkad – The Last Resort brings back not just the memories you’ll build in the present, but would also let you be teary-eyed because of the luscious landscape in front of your eyes.

Kiudkad is not for the weak heart and for those who have separation anxiety – because visitors who had been here for a night tend to come back after a month or two, with the beliefs that Siruma already bewitched them to stay for a long time after their first time. | Danica Roselyn Lim

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