Love and Aromas Collide at Coffee & Flowers – Floral Café

Are you in your lover era and is looking for a cozy place to express your romantic feelings to that soulmate of yours?

Wouldn’t you like to be in a café where every cup of coffee comes with a side of floral enchantment? Freshly blooming on the corner of 1st Street and Barriada Road, Our Lady’s Village, Bitano, Legazpi City, Coffee & Flowers – Floral Café provides a unique blend of romantic, energizing, and soothing experience.

From the coffee and meals they offer, you may also get aesthetically meaningful bouquets at a low price. Explore the enchanting world of Coffee & Flowers – Floral Café and discover how it seamlessly weaves together the art of floristy with the joy of culinary delights.

Founded by Christelle Coleen Ayson and Francis Carlo Malaiba, the café was built on their individual passions which they initially showcase on the bazaars they participate in. Coleen enjoys tending to flowers and Francis loves coffees. These differences complimented each other very well and it blossomed beautifully into the café everyone now enjoys.

Stepping into the café, you will be greeted by the colorful petals of the different flower bouquets along with the arousing scent of freshly brewed coffee and the soft acoustic music playing like a sweet serenade.

Coffee & Flowers – Floral Café offer a variety of memorable treats that ranges from coffees like their rich and bold Spanish latté and the nutty almond coffee, to non-coffees like their sweet and fruity strawberry latte. They also offer milk teas and frappes like their sweet and savory taro milk tea and the well-balanced and relaxing matcha frappe. They also serve a variety of mouthwatering dishes which Francis mostly inherited from his mother. They offer their well-seasoned chicken sandwiches, their chicken buffalo that has a fiery explosion in every bite, their creamily satisfying tuna pasta, and their very hearty silog meals.

Apart from the savory treats, they also offer a wide-array of flower bouquets you could give to yourself and to your loved ones. They all come in a variety of colors, sizes, and kind of flowers. They have fresh flowers and dried flowers and you can even have them customized.

Coffee & Flowers – Floral Café boasts on their locally sourced materials and ingredients, ultimately helping in the promotion of local products especially to the outputs of our local farmers and gardeners.

Coleen and Francis shared their upcoming participation in bazaars and events like the ones held in malls and in Bicol University to introduce their café along with other products to an even wider audience. They also look forward to engaging in community service especially on this coming holiday.

The café seeks to maintain a customer-friendly and cozy environment where lovers can come for an invigorating and intimate coffee date and single ladies and lads can come to reflect on their status and life choices.

All in all, if you’re seeking a unique blend of romance, energizing coffee, and floral charm, make your way to this delightful café in the heart of Legazpi City. It’s where you can indulge in a range of delightful treats, from bold Spanish lattes to sweet strawberry milk teas, all paired with mouthwatering dishes like hearty silog meals, and don’t you forget to explore their exquisite flower bouquets, available in various colors and sizes.

Come celebrate love, life, and the beauty of blooming moments with every sip from your coffee cup. | Jerwin Basas

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