Breaking Boundaries: From Canvas to Crown

Sometimes, the things we expected the least can come raining down our track of interests so quickly. In the case of Rani Lachmi Dado, this claim proves to be true. Raised around the presence of artists, she tends to only see pageantry as superficial, vain, and objectifying as it mostly contradicts her defining principles of what art is.

Yet, this view changed somehow when opportunities to participate in pageants came knocking down her door. She started seeing pageantry as a venue to introduce her wide array of art pieces to a broader audience. Thus, for every instance she participates in a pageant, she brings her artworks with her for the whole world to see.

This irreplaceable and genuine love for the arts even in the presence of her new-found passions for pageantry started at her young age, which were mostly the outcome of the influences of her father, the late Ramon Dado who was renowned as a dedicated painter, sculptor, and architect. 

His influence to her life became the foundation by which she built her beliefs in and this led her to the path of campus journalism where she met new people driven by different artistic interests, further solidifying her artistic talents.

According to Rani, capturing people is what she does best. Be it portraiture or people in a certain movement. This reflects her way of expressing people’s stories in the most creative means which she seemingly showcased during her coronation night on the Mutya ng Tabak where she delivered in her concluding statement, “beauty is in the small things we usually overlook”. This heartfelt narrative can be shown in her art where she transforms the simplicity of still-life concepts into meaningful pieces of art.

Albeit, every triumph always comes with a trial. For Rani, it was her winning the crown for Mutya ng Tabak that although made her feel a moment of glory, it also made her realize that she had simply stopped doing the things she loved.

Admittedly, she found it difficult to retrace her passions for making masterpieces and reclaim the creativity and the free-flowing structure that she pushed at bay to focus on pageantry.  It was in these difficult times that one gets to reflect on the next course of action to get healthily back on the pursuit of reaching one’s dreams. For her, it was reconnecting with her core.

Looking ahead, she envisions a continuation of her art workshops for children within the community. Additionally, she aims to realize her dream of holding her own art exhibition. With a clear determination to contribute to the evolution of the pageant industry, she also strives to create a meaningful impact on the lives of those she encounters.

Lastly, she envisions leaving behind a legacy of vibrant narratives through her art, using painting as a medium to illuminate not only her own journey but also the stories of those deserving of recognition.

All in all, Rani Lachmi Dado’s journey demonstrates how opportunities can reshape one’s perspective. Her journey for artistic pursuit made her adapt to unexpected opportunities, remain true to her core passions, and use her creativity to connect with people on a deeper level. These things, combined with her determination and unwavering spirit, not only made her shine in the fields she is determined to pursue, but also serve as an inspiring example for others who navigate the complex interplay of passion and opportunity. I Jerwin Basas

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Photos : Rani Lachmi Dado