1st Colonial Grill: Exposing Bicol culinaria 101

Craving for Bicolano cuisines? 1st Colonial Grill just made it easier for you and your cravings!

Ever thought of spending a day while eating native delicacies from one specific region? Delve into the world of Bicol culinaria and start budgeting for these Bicolano dishes served in 1st Colonial Grill’s various branches.

Beginning with the most important meal of the day, this resto serves Tinapa Fried Rice – a mix of smoked fish called ‘tinapa’ matched with Filipinos’ most known breakfast must-have, fried rice.

Looking for a variation of tempting dishes for lunch? They also got you right on time! Start with any of their Bicolano fusion dishes in a flavorful way. Taste their sweet Honey Glazed Squid, Grilled Mussels topped with melted cheese, and their Sopas Halaan perfect for rainy weathers and experience a round-trip of seafood flavors.

If you want to feel an exquisite farm-feast, try their Tinutungang Manok, their own version of Kandinga or Bopis of the Tagalogs, Ginataang Santol topped with Bagnet, Crispy Dinuguan, and their famous Colonial Kare-kare.

Still bounded with the need to further embrace authentic Bicolano cuisines? Add these dishes in your order and make sure to rate them from 1 to 10! Colonial Grill also serves their own version of Bicol Express, with a swerving feat of spice perfect for your ‘chili’ moments. Another pride of Colonial is their unique Buko Chopseuy which has fresh ‘buko’ meat cooked with healthy vegetables on-the-go.

According to Bong Aspe, chief executive officer (CEO) of 1st Colonial Grill, their Colonial Embutido is an original recipe of his mother that has no extenders and wrapped with banana leaves that infuses a unique aroma and maintains the freshness of the food.

Done with your lunch? Jump over to the special ‘miryendas’ brought to you by Colonial.

Indulge your sweet tooth and order their Ube Champorado with chunks of ube halaya, and their Pasta Bicolana that has a flavorful punch of Guinobatan, Albay’s most famous product, longganisa.

You can also try their unique-flavored shakes on different branches as a perfect mix-and-match with any of their miryenda classics. Flavors available are Tinutong na Bigas, Pili, Melon, Cucumber, Calamansi, and Sili.

Still hasn’t tried 1st Colonial Grill’s Bahay Kubo Salad? You’re missing out so much already!

“Bahay kubo, kahit munti, ang halaman doon ay sari-sari.”

Along with a special sauce, this salad has all the ingredients from the song “Bahay Kubo,” and if you ordered one from any of their branches, all of the staff in the store will sing the famous song while serving the dish to your table.

Grind your Bicolano tastebuds with Colonial’s best dishes. Visit 1st Colonial Grill in their main branch at Daraga, Albay beside Bicol University College of Education (BUCE) or any of their stores in SM City Legazpi, Ayala Malls Legazpi, and Pacific Mall. | Danica Roselyn Lim

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