Paddle for Hope: Cancer survivors share how Dragon Boat helped with their recovery

Liberty Ranoa and Angie Amaquin, members of Cebu Pink Paddlers, shared their experiences on how dragon boating helped them with their recovery.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Angie and Liberty seek ways to battle their disease and found paddling as a method to aid them with their treatment. 

“I found a sport that can help with my recovery”, Angie said.

Following their breast operation, both explained that they developed lymphedema due to a lack of movement in the operated area. They were told that appropriate exercise is needed to lessen the swelling. Thus, existing members from Cebu Pink Paddlers and fellow cancer survivors invited them to join in dragon boating. 

They believe that paddling is beneficial in reducing numbness and swelling. It encourages cancer survivors to move and stretch their bodies. 

There are also testimonies of several paddlers who show how their health condition got improved because of paddling.

“True enough, after 1 week of paddling, it shows good results, my numbness is gone”, Liberty stated.

According to Christian Sy, the head coach of Cebu Pink Paddlers, dragon boat is a great activity for cancer survivors as it helps with their healing process while having fun at the same time. 

“Dragon boat is a good venture for recreational…and it’s therapeutic for them”, he added.

Christian believes that there is life after diagnosis, and helping them is their advocacy. Paddlers like Angie and Liberty encourage fellow survivors that they are stronger than their disease and there is hope in the storm they are facing.

The Cebu Pink Paddlers team were in Bicol in June 2023 to join the dragon boat race competition during the Bagat Dagat festival in Cataingan, Masbate.

Today, the Cebu Pink Paddlers are still open for recruitment and will continue to inspire and help people through paddling. I Rapha Perona

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