Sardine factory to steer Sorsogon town’s economic activity

LEGAZPI CITY – The opening of the fish storage and processing plantation of a sardine company in Bulan town is expected to contribute to the economic activities in the town and Sorsogon province in general as it plans to employ residents.

Twenty have been initially hired and will start work once the operation of Youngstown Sardines begins this month, Sorsogon Public Information Officer Salvador Mendoza said over the weekend.

Aside from tapping residents, direct buyers would also benefit the fisherfolk, Mendoza said.

“With the direct buyer, the fisherfolks’ income will greatly increase since they will have a fair price. The factory will solve the problem of oversupply during the abundance of tamban or law-law fish,” Mendoza said.

Governor Jose Edwin Hamor said the upcoming operation of the sardine-maker will provide sustainable livelihood for the communities.

“Aside from the employment opportunities the company will provide to the resident, the income of the law-law fisherfolk is expected to increase. When there is an abundance of supply sometimes a banyera (fish tub) of law-law is only PHP100. Now at least they can have an income of PHP500 to PHP700 per tub,” he said.

Mendoza said law-law fisherfolk from other towns can also directly sell to the company. I via Connie Calipay/PNA