Art vs Cancer: Artist from Albay makes Mayon-themed shoes for a cause

Djai “Dee Jai” Tanji, an artist from Legazpi City began painting Mayon-themed shoes and other hand-painted shoe art to help fund her partner’s cancer treatment.

The artist announced on Facebook she will be making a series of shoe art including Mayon-themed loafers for a cause.  

She started to launch “Love Loafers”, an idea where she makes a variety of hand-painted shoes out of love and to express how she uses art as a weapon to battle anything including her partner’s cancer. 

“I use art to battle anything…I call this art vs cancer”, she said.

Dee Jai’s style of painting is whimsical, thus the designs of her shoes are vibrant, playful, and not typical unlike portraits of Mayon with Cagsawa. 

She wants to acknowledge the 2023 Mayon eruption by making these Mayon-themed designs and to preserve the memory of the event. 

Aside from shoe art, Dee Jai also paints on bags, gowns, and mugs. She even once initiated a mug for a cause to support her own heart illness. 

Dee Jai desires to inspire fellow Bicolano artists to use their skills by helping others in a dynamic and positive way. 

“You can always use your talent to help and uplift others, you just have to widen your imagination and maximize your skills”, she added. 

Meanwhile, Dee Jai continues to make Mayon-themed designs and other hand-painted shoe art for her clients. I Rapha Perona

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Photos: Dee Jai