Fulfilling Dreams and Inspiring Success: The Journey of a CPA Passer

Daraga, Albay — A remarkable achievement for Pamela Ann Alemania, a 23-year-old resident of Daraga, Albay, as she fulfills her long-awaited dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Alemania, the second of four children in her family, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bicol University College of Business, Economics, and Management (BU CBEM) with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and is now a certified accountant.

In an interview with Bicoldotph, Alemania shared her aspirations and preparations for becoming a CPA.

“I’ve always aspired to be a disciplined and dignified CPA. Studying day and night, I aimed to pass the exam on my first try, giving it my all,” Alemania said.

Despite facing doubts, breakdowns, and immense pressure along her journey, Alemania remained steadfast, never giving up on her dream of becoming an accountant and driven by her deep desire to repay her parents’ sacrifices.

“Kaya kailangan ko talaga ibigay na lahat, hindi rin kami mayaman, driver si papa, dun kami kumukuha ng pangtustos sa review ko kaya lagi talaga ako nagdadasal na sana pumasa,” Alemania added.

[Translation: That’s why I really need to give my all. We’re not wealthy either, my father is a driver, and that’s where we get the funds for my review. That’s why I always pray that I pass.]

Her unwavering prayer, faith, daily study sessions, inspiration from loved ones, and mental well-being were the secrets and motivations behind her success as a CPA passer.

Furthermore, Alemania graciously imparted valuable advice for aspiring accountants and individuals preparing for board examinations. 

“Always give your best, keep going, even in uncertainty, because God is working, even if we may not feel it. Keep trusting, keep believing, and you will eventually succeed.” | Ree Ann Cawaling