Albay’s Ice Cream Veggie Galore

Not fond of vegetables? This gulay ice cream series in Legazpi will make you subscribe and salivate more for veggies!

The master of innovation in terms of unique culinary experience has once again proven its bragging rights as the first local restaurant in Bicol to ever incorporate the myriad flavors of vegetables to the sweet delights of ice cream. 

1st Colonial Grill is best known for its sizzling hot sili ice cream — a hit among curious locals and tourists alike, making them try the varying levels of spiciness. 

However, their curiosity for frozen treats never ends. The 1st Colonial Grill’s latest innovation of gulay ice cream series is one for keeps for culinary treasures that brings customers to another level of experience. 

Jing Muñoz, area manager, said that their inspiration from making this healthy alternative compared to traditional ice cream was the adventurous characteristics of customers trying out new products in the midst of the competitive market in restaurant business. 

“Mas nagiging mas conscious na yung mga tao pagdating sa pagkain, and at the same time mas nagiging creative na yung mga restaurants…mas gusto [ng costumers] na nagta-try ng bagong product – ano ba yung kakaiba, ano ang unique, ano ang benefits,” she said. 

Muñoz furthered that the edge of their veggie ice cream from the mass produced is the coconut cream being used that results in a healthier and creamier texture. 

“We use coconut cream instead na dairy because sa pagkakaalam baga natin (na ang) coconut cream is rich in healthy fats. And then, isa pang napakagandang epekto is mas nagiging creamier pa lalo yung texture ng ice cream,” Muñoz stated. 

Local source

1st Colonial Grill’s ingredients for this innovation are locally sourced in Daraga and Legazpi, Albay markets. 

The importance of ice cream recreation for 1st Colonial Grill is the thought of innovating products that not only entices the public and finds their tickle bones for cold treats but helps the community of local farmers. 

“This is a great way na naka-innovate na tayo ng product na tangkilikin (ng publiko and) at the same time po, nakakatulong po tayo sa ating local community,” she said. 

This also makes them aware of the benefits of creating a more sustainable and environment-conscious food system.

“Apart from eating healthy and locally sourced (food), in-ensure namin na yung lasa niya at balanse – yung tamis, yung sustansiya (andon) para hindi po tayo guilty dahil alam po natin na yung kinakain natin or pinasok natin sa katawan natin ay wholesome – masustansiya,” Muñoz said. 

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Ice cream feast

Now let’s us dive into the world of the flavorful ice cream galore that you can only find in 1st Colonial Grill. 

Available flavors are malunggay, calamansi, ginger, taro, and pipino extracts and each flavor is uniquely different to one another.

Once tasted, malunggay ice cream will surprise your taste buds. Sweet and jittering with light bitterness, this desert flavor is the best if you want to break your diet.

The sweetness and bitterness are well-balanced and the aftertaste of malunggay will find you once you scoop one and taste it. In fact, this ice cream flavor is the best-selling ice cream in Colonial Grill. 

If you are fond of sour food and you want to find a combination of sweet and sour desert, calamansi ice cream is the best for you.

This flavor highlights the freshness and unique feature of Filipinos’ own lime — the calamansi. With its tantalizing appearance, calamansi is the best if you want to power up your immune system as it possesses vitamin C that will protect you to being sick. 

Want to lower your blood pressure but cannot resist the craving for ice cream? 

Ginger ice cream is just right for you! This flavor is perfect not just for elders who are conscious of their health but also to everyone who wants to further strengthen their immune system. 

The aroma of ginger leaves you once the sweetness finds its way down to your digestive tract.

Hey ho! Hey ho! Come the mighty earthy taste of taro! This flavored ice cream may not be new to everyone as taro flavor has been introduced to other delights and beverages such as milk tea.

But do not overlook the power of taro once incorporated into ice cream as this flavor is perfectly suited to the milky and liquidized desert such as ice cream.

The earthy taste is perfectly in sync into the creamy and milky taste of the ice cream. 

Curious what is pipino like when it is turned to ice cream? Ha! Try this nice subtle sweet and watery veggie and it will not fail to amaze you! 

This flavor is refined and great to those who really just want to enjoy their ice cream treat. Once tried without knowledge, this ice cream flavor will surprise you because it is just like a normal flavored ice cream. 

It can fool someone who is not fond of vegetables and that is totally fine. The flavor is amazingly good and the freshness of the pipino is attained perfectly. 

Craving for other veggie flavors? Worry no more as 1st Colonial Grill recently launched its ampalaya and kalabasa ice cream as additional to their refined gulay ice cream series. 

When tasted, the ampalaya ice cream will shock your tastebuds! It is not that bitter anymore as we commonly know of it; it’s sweet. 

The cream and milk balances the taste as the sweetness does not overpower the entire ice flavor. There’s still a bitter taste but it is tolerable enough to make your kids try it. 

Kalabasa ice cream? Do not overlook and refrain from judging as this kalabasa flavored ice cream will open your eyes and make you see clearer to further understand the workings of the world.

This sumptuous ice cream highlights the tartness and sweetness of kalabasa veggie. The texture might be earthy but relax and savor the taste. 

Allyza Kim Ty and Denise Jimenez, one of the customers who came all the way from Manila, were impressed after having a taste of the different ice cream veggie flavors. 

“Masarap ‘yung ginger. Parang hindi ko nalalasahan ‘yung tapang ng ginger. So, parang very refreshing din siya tsaka ‘yung malunggay, medyo bitter siya kasi nga malunggay pero masarap po siya. And surprisingly yung ampalaya. Hindi kasi ako kumakain ng ampalaya pero hindi siya lasang ampalaya,” Ty said. 

Jimenez said it’s perfect for summer but at the same time healthy for the body. 

“Nagustuhan ko ‘yung calamansi kasi kung iisipin mo, sherbet. Pero sa kanila, ginawa nilang creamy. So, kakaiba siya and masarap,” Jimenez said. 

The gulay ice cream series highlights the different characteristics of every vegetable that is infused to the desert. It may be exotic to us but one thing is for sure, all of it still tastes like ice cream — a sweet, refreshing delight leveled up to provide necessary nutrients for us.

This innovative vegetable ice cream series are now available in all 1st Colonial Grill stores. 

So try now and feed your growing curiosity! I Arvie Bediones, Nicole Frilles

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