Why Museum dates are the best

Asking your partner what might be his or her love language can set your plans up for a date. If they answered ‘quality time’ then this might be the sign for you to visit Museo Sorsogon, a local museum where you can spend your date and have the best out of your bonding moments.

Museo Sorsogon is a unique history museum with 10 galleries popped with the rich culture of the Sorsoganons. Scheduling a museum date is a good idea not just for those who ought to try historical destinations and art exhibits all at once, but also for those who loves to read and walk in slightly dimmed places.

In the previous years, it is also a court room and a provincial jail of Sorsogon. The building was a product of an adoptive reuse project which means that instead of demolishing an existing and built heritage with cultural and historical significance it was then repurposed and renovated. Hence, interesting places with back stories like the Museo can instantly capture ones’ heart on a nerdy and cute date.

As you enter the Museo, you can already take aesthetic pictures within the well-furnished gates as you pay Php20 for your entrance fee – which is already a one-hit spot for visiting partners because as you roam around the place while instilling each other’s quality time, you can also get to know each part of their exhibit with a guide that will tag along with you.

Choosing the best day for visiting is also a plus point for your date! Remember not to visit the museum on Mondays because they are closed during that day. Instead, set your date from any day starting Tuesday until Friday – from 8:30 to 11:30 in the morning and 1:00 to 4:30 in the afternoon.

Last 2022, around 27,000 visitors stopped by at the Museo – this time, the management expects for a double or triple number due to the comeback of educational tours and field trips from visiting schools and the less stringent health protocols for coming visitors outside the province.

Unfazed from this scorching number, taking a leap from the outside world into this magical time machine can be an antidote for building love and bridging connections, not just any other ‘connections’ but the means of understanding why history should be kept and remembered.

You will be taken aback by the massive Lady Justice Justitia mural at the 2nd floor of the building, where the old memories still live as it is an original mural way back from 1920s when the building was still a court house – and realizing that the mural has seen several scenarios that cannot be recorded from its early times is actually interesting.

Whispering through old rhythms and exploring with an old soul could be the perfect pace for you when you visit the museum because aside from its gallery rooms, you can also read the facts upon dates and significant happenings within the province. Your date will be utterly unforgettable with all those words defining the beauty of Sorsogon.

Taking your romantic companion here embodies your personal take on efforts and to the places where you bring them. Opening up conversations while strolling is a relative advantage for you as you walk past your comfort zone and reach out to them in an idealistic and creative way.

Take this as your sign and enjoy your first museum date at Museo Sorsogon! | Danica Roselyn Lim

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