DOT V SIRAM project gets green light from nat’l validators

OAS, Albay—The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region V reaps fruit of success as the SIRAM project for Albay gets approval from national validators during the SIRAM: Pagakon Bikolnon National Stakeholders Gastronomy Heritage Tourism Circuit Tour Validation held Friday, March 6, at the Casa Simeon, Bacacay, Albay. 

In a round table meeting, a panel of validators composed of tourism agents, tour operators, and culinary experts expressed their support and ratified the validation of the 3-day circuit tour around the province. 

Television personality and culinary expert, Clang Garcia, expressed amazement for the province’s tourism. 

“[Bicol] never ceased to amaze me on each visit. It (Albay) is a very promising destination,” Garcia said. 

Travel experts and tour operators, Dhalal Maaño and Margie Ng Onshu, also claimed that Albay’s tourism industry has so much potential. 

“[Albay] as a destination is very complete. It has (many) shopping opportunities from its textiles, food, pots, bags, and many more. It (Albay’s tourism) is very enlightening and a great learning experience for me,” Ongshu furthered by highlighting the good quality of Albay cuisines, which gained support from fellow validators. 

The 3-day circuit tour that started March 1, provided a thorough perspective of the rich culture and delicacies of Albay, featuring local foods like Zeny’s pinangat, tinapa Bicol express, longganisa de Guinobatan, rice puto macapuno, kinunot na manok (flaked chicken), tinutungan na manok (burnt chicken) and array of Bicol ice cream flavors such as chili, latik and carmelado. 

The project also gave a glimpse of the trading industry in the province by visiting the National Carpet Industry in Camalig, Galoda Kalamay Farm Production in Polangui, Blacksmith shops in Tabaco City, and Putsan Ceramic Factory in Tiwi, Albay. 

Meanwhile, tour and heritage operator, Ivan Homer Uy said that he had a wonderful experience from the tour and it opened his eyes to the ‘wonders of Bicol foods.’ 

“It opened my eyes with the wonders of Bicol foods (and) I hope that can be shared with other people. It is very convenient and authentic.” 

The SIRAM circuit tour validation is a culinary tourism project of DOT V which aims to provide an in-depth and authentic outlook of different regional cuisines and promote the tourism of each province. | Ken Oliver Balde

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Photo courtesy: Joseph Trilles
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Photo courtesy: Joseph Trilles