Exploring Bilibig of Polangui, Albay

Polangueños are thrilled to know more about the newest swimming spot within the locale. Just minutes away from the busy roads, you can already feel the cold feats of the running water from the depths of nature.

Did you know that its entry point is located at one barangay and its exit point is in another? Going here makes you explore two neighboring vicinities because this spot is situated at the boundary of both barangays. According to its territorial jurisdiction, the spot is originally in Brgy. Balinad, hence Bilibig’s entry point is in Brgy. Napo.

From Napo, you can reach the place with or without any vehicle. You can either take a 2-minute drive or if you’re up to it, take a 5 to 10-minute walk. Purok 6 or commonly known as Bilibig is the right stop.

Since there is no entrance fee, barangay officials in both areas encourage visitors to observe CLAYGO or the clean-as-you-go protocol to sustain the environment and nature itself. | Danica Roselyn Lim


Photos: Janver Seneta Orbista