Still bejeweled

Not everything comes in a colorful swerve with Darius Evardo’s start as a makeup enthusiast. Not a typical start-up for someone who is mesmerized by cosmetic products even during his younger years – piling up the courage to engage himself in the makeup journey. Hence, his bejeweled passion starts anew.

A native of Gubat, Sorsogon, Evardo is currently taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English at The Lewis College in Sorsogon City. In his 21 years of life, he already explored different types of art, like paper mache art, painting, portrait, miniature art, and more. Thus, his talent in makeup gradually grew as he watched beauty videos from YouTube.

Way back when Evardo was in 6th grade, he used to wear foundation and his classmate noticed it. His mom even taught him how to blend his lipstick, yet this stopped sooner as he expected because of several factors like discrimination and hate towards him and his rising passion.

“I’m afraid sa tao because of the discrimination and hateful words I’ve had received from them specifically from ‘tambays’ during my younger days,” Evardo said in an interview with Bicol.PH.

His early career boomed when he bought his first-ever palette through the volunteer monetary contributions from his classmates in Senior High School.

“I asked them to give me money (any amount will do) and they gave me and I used that money to buy my first eyeshadow palette. I still have that eyeshadow palette in my kit. And also my class adviser supported me too about this passion of mine, my family, friends, relatives, and even my former teachers,” Evardo explained.

In addition to this, he felt the worthiness of his journey as international and Filipino celebrities started to notice him, which includes international drag queen artists, Pia Wurtzbach, Paolo Ballesteros, and Jane De Leon.

His makeup techniques came from his knowledge about different literature in the world like Scandinavian, Polynesian, Norse, Greek, and Philippine Mythology.

“With that po, I somehow help others to know how diverse and reach the literature in every nation. With my makeup po, I kind of help them to learn more about those I have mentioned po. And I think that’s what makes me unique as a makeup artist, cultivating my identity through my craft,” he said.

Above all, Evardo is still in high spirits about the challenges that come his way, he said that these can make him a better makeup enthusiast in the future.

“I have doubts as well about myself. And, even up to this day, I could still receive hateful comments and criticisms. Pero, I never let them cast out my shine, and they even helped me to become stronger and more dedicated to my craft, as well.” | Danica Roselyn Lim

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