BU issues entrance test results; passers at 19.33%

The official results of Bicol University College Entrance Test (BUCET) for the intake year 2023 to 2024 is released Wednesday, Feb. 15 where 3,776 examinees passed out of 19, 523. 

Meanwhile, there are 682 waitlisted on the record.

According to Dean of Admission Dr. Hennie Pama-Lomibao, the examination was the sole basis for admission this time unlike the past two intake years where the institution established the Bicol University College Entrance Scoring System (BUCESS) that took 4-5 months to process due to manual checking.

“Now we are reverted back to [BUCET] and there is software that helps us expedite the statistical analysis. That’s mainly the reason why we have released the results a lot earlier than calendared,” Dr. Pama-Lomibao said.

Lomibao said the total number of qualifiers is lower than last year because of the difference in the assessment.

“We have to take note that last year was portfolio based assessment [which means] that the matrix used for student recruitment is far different from this year. This year is entirely exam. I would also attribute impart the decline in number of passers to pandemic related reasons,” Dr. Pama-Lomibao furthered.

The admission’s office encourages the new scholars of BU to do well scholastically amid the stringent selection. 

“They will be coming to Bicol University without paying their tuition fee unlike those who will be going to private schools. I [congratulate] all the qualifiers. Ang galing-galing nila because they are able to overcome the odds.” Dr. Pama-Lomibao added.

She also imparts a message for all the hopeful individuals who want to study in BU.

“Mag-aral, because ang dami ng gustong pumasok, so you will be up against very good students all over the Bicol Region. Hindi pwede yung patiktok-tiktok, hindi pwede yung patulog-tulog, kailangan mag-aral,” Dr. Pama-Lomibao said. 

“Pangalawa, kailangan honest when you take your exam, do your best [and] don’t cheat, because automatically when you cheat, you will be disqualified. They have to take the examination seriously because at the end of the day it is their future that is at stake, there is no second chance.”

However, the results for Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) is deferred until BU obtains the approval of Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

All the examinees for DMD are requested to standby until further notice for the schedule of practical test. via | Aaron John Baluis