New LCWD General Manager vows to commit in service

LEGAZPI CITY – Jesus Enrico Moises Salazar vows to commit in serving the people of Legazpi than making promises as he took over the position as the new general manager of Legazpi City Water District (LCWD) through an approved resolution last Feb. 3.

“You see if you make promise, anyone can promise, but if you make it a commitment you can only do that if the employees themselves are committed,” Salazar said in an interview with Bicol.PH.

As Salazar took office on Monday, Feb. 6, he emphasized that he does not blame the previous management, thus there is still a need to enhance the interconnection of the employee.

“I do not like to put the blame on anyone in the past, iyan baga kita digdi. To actually move towards the direction of engaging the employees well not because they need to but because they love to,” Salazar said.

Meanwhile, Salazar added that some of the problems needed to be addressed under his term includes employee motivation, lack of supply, water pressure and quality of water.

“The first thing that I’d like to focus on is the employee motivation, how to motivate them to actually see their value, the value that they’re adding to [this district] the water district, technical problems like lack of supply, will have to be addressed. Second is water pressure, third is the quality of water and it is easier to say than done, pero bako ini madali, we know that through the years they’ve been struggling to actually provide better service for our people,” Salazar implied.

Salazar is with high hopes that they will be able to provide better service to the people of Legazpi with the help of everyone.

“I see that there is hope, there is hope for the future in terms of water supply, but only if all of us will be working together. We should accept the fact that we cannot do this alone, we need support.”

To recalibrate their ways, LCWD started to set-up online systems via Facebook to collect concerns and feedback directly from the consumers to make sure that their services are accessible. | Aaron John Baluis and Jemimah So

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