1st AYC fundraising dinner to continue annually, peaks enviro issues

LEGAZPI CITY – From a first-time event, Albay Yacht Club (AYC) pushes to make its fundraising dinner into an annual occurrence as an act to spread awareness about different environmental concerns and develop the youth through its initiative.

“Well, hopefully this is going to be an annual event. And we invite everybody to join us for the next one,” said Fernand Imperial, Wolf Storm Black Inc.’s Executive Vice President for Business Development.

As the recently concluded event commenced at The Marison Hotel, Legazpi City last Friday, February 2, the organizers emphasized that the proceeds of the fundraising will be solely used for the means of strengthening the community work of AYC. 

“We wanted to get funds. The fund will actually go to the organization, and we have different programs. Ang minor na target namin within the locality lang ng Legazpi is actually the Macabalo River,” said Atty. Chris Ajero, co-chairman with Mrs. Therese Lumbao-Lapointe, also one of the organizers of the dinner.

These pertained programs start with its action towards the Macabalo River crisis which affects the aquatic and terrestrial environment of Legazpi City – affecting human health, biodiversity and tourism in one blow. 

“And we wanted to tap the different government [agencies] to work out a solution. For our parts, (sa) organization naman namin, meron kaming mga youth group that can help education campaign. Bara-baranggay kumbaga tapos magbibigay sila ng infromation kung pano ba masisimulan yung paghanap ng solution,” Ajero added. 

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Highlighting Erden Eruç’s Competitive Legacy

Meanwhile, one of the event’s highlights centered on Erden Eruç, the world’s leading ocean rower with 17 Guinness World Records and a recipient of the 2013 Citation Merit from the prestigious Explorer’s Club and one of the 2013 Adventurers of the Year by the Outside Magazine. 

Eruç’s presentation does not just summed up to his circumnavigation explorations but also towards the alarming reality he witnessed as a rower of the three major oceans in the world – the problem about pollution. 

“We need to break habits. Replace what we use. And we make our choices to choose not to take that plastic bottle. We can refuse, we can repair on purpose and recycle as the last option. So basically, we need to restrict it, regulate it and remove from the lives of people,” Eruç said during his speech and presentation, pertaining to how people can deal with plastics in today’s circumstance.

Thus, his stand against pollution has victoriously inclined with his collaboration with AYC as a member of the board of directors. 

“When the community comes together to support the youth, the youth will then become able adults and productive adults reaching into the future. So, this is an investment in our youth,” Eruç said in an interview with Bicol.PH. 

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According to Ajero, since Eruç had already circumnavigated through different parts of the world, he can tell that plastic is indeed one of the most prevalent problems in the world – contributing to pollution. 

“He’s well-traveled, he circumnavigated the world several times. So, talagang nakita niya lahat ng sulok and he can tell you na it is a prevalent problem around the world ,this pollution this plastic. So, we wanted people to come here and to talk about this problem. We wanted the conversation to start and to keep on going,” Ajero said. | via Danica Roselyn Lim

Photos: Danica Roselyn Lim