Accused sex offender nabbed in Legazpi City

LEGAZPI CITY – A 47-year-old accused sex offender was arrested in Brgy 56-Taysan, Legazpi City around 3:45 pm on Sunday, January 29.

Jonathan Rubio who is considered Legazpi City Police Station’s ranked 1st most wanted person, was apprehended by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 1 of Legazpi on November 7, 2022 for four (4) sex offense crimes.

The accused faces three (3) counts of statutory rape with no bail recommended; two (2) counts for sexual assault with P180,000.00 bail recommended for each case; four (4) counts of acts of lasciviousness with P180,000.00 bail recommended for each case; and for lascivious conduct with also P180,000.00 bail recommended.

Rubio, however, sustained wounds for intentionally stabbing his throat and abdomen while trying to evade the arrest.

The Legazpi CPS SWAT Team immediately brought the suspect to Bicol Regional Hospital Medical Center for medical treatment. I Arvie Bediones