Ms. Earth 2022 candidates all set for pre-pageant competition in Ligao City; intensifies their environmental advocacies

The twenty three (23) stunning Miss Earth 2022 candidates are all set for their pre-pageant competition today, November 21 and tomorrow, November 22 in Ligao City. 

In a press conference today, November 21, the candidates expressed their excitement upon their visit in the Philippines. 

“It’s a pleasure for us [candidates] to be here in the Philippines. It has been a unique experience in a lifetime. The people here is the kindest on earth,” said Andrea Aguilera, Ms. Columbia. 

The candidates also explicitly shared their environmental advocacies urging the public to participate in mitigating the problems brought by the climate change.

“[We have to] empower the people that individual steps matter and if everyone [participate] we will be able to mitigate environmental problems,” said Jessica Cianchino, Ms. Canada. 

Ms. Ethiopia Hiwot Kasaa also added that working together, living as an example, and by starting change in ourselves can also have a huge impact in fighting environmental problems. 

As for the City Government of Ligao, Mayor Fernando Gonzales they are very fortunate and privileged to have hosted this clustered pre-pageant competition.

“I believe this is a good way for us to be able to promote our advocacy of a healthy environment and to be able to ensure that the awareness of people in the preservation of our environment is most important, and what better way to do it is this Ms. Earth competition”, says Mayor Fernando Gonzales.

Meanwhile, the coronation night will be on November 29 in Metro Manila wherein 86 candidates from different countries will be competing for the said title.

After the press conference, the Miss Earth 2022 candidates also had their motorcade around Ligao City and students excitedly lined up along the streets to greet the Ms. Earth candidate by waving different countries’ flags.

Miss Earth Pageant is an international event which channels the beauty pageant as an effective tool to promote environmental awareness and aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations. I via Jona Bagayawa

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