Food trip need not require you to travel. On the contrary, you can enjoy it at the very comfort of your home and let Hungry Dandan do the rest.

Hungry Dandan was born at the onset of the pandemic when businesses were forced to close or change their business model to cope with the uncertainties of the time. Young enterpreneur couple Zen Aquino and Daniela Oraa started a home-based food delivery business after their first venture at one of the public food parks closed. Transfering their base of operation at home lowered their operational expenses and at the same time was the only option since the whole country was on a lockdown.

They first offered a handful of ala carte menu and rice toppings but soon evolved into bilao sets which you can costumize depending on what you like. Sure there were some minor struggles at first like lack of good supply of ingredients, difficulty in delivery but they all went away eventually. What was evident though right from the start were two things: the excellent taste of their foods and the stellar customer service.

I learned of their delicious food products few weeks after they started and until now they remained on top of my list if I want to enjoy high quality and delicious-tasting food at home.

Here are some of their bestsellers and must-try:

1. Crispy Pata Bilao – they offer one of the best crispy pata in town. Crispy and crunchy skin, soft and juicy meat with distinct asian spices makes this top of the list. Another option is to just order the crispy pata whole (not chopped) to prevent it from going dry. And dont forget to ask for extra dip. It is so good and perfectly compliments the crispy pata.

IMG 3848

2. Heart Stopper Bilao. A lethal combination of crispy pata, lechon kawali and chicharon bulaklak, there’s no escaping how sinfully good this set is. Perfect for those karaoke sessions or “inuman” sessions with your friends. Watch your blood pressure though. This packs a wallop.

IMG 3850

3. Quattro Pollo. Chicken lovers, rejoice! You can have a feast and choose up to 4 flavors you want your chicken prepared. The choices include garlic parmesan, cajun, yangnyeom, buffalo, salt & pepper, gong bao glazed, buttered, garlic sesame, salted egg, honey garlic, spicy buttered and spicy salted egg. You can mix and match these flavors. Perfect for those lazy afternoon netflix-binge moments.

IMG 3849

4. Pancit con Lechon. There is something different in their pancit when compared to those you have previously tasted before. Whether it’s the glorious addition of lechon or the aroma that hits your nose when you remove the cover or the delicious flavors that explodes in your mouth, it’s hard to tell. What I’m sure of is that you’ll never be disappointed with this one.

IMG 3847

5. Vicky’s spaghetti. My first reaction when I tried this was: Who’s Vicky? And judging from how good this is, Vicky must be one-hell of a cook. Turns out, Vicky was Chef Zen’s mom and this is a family-recipe. A perfect pinoy version: sweet, cheesy with just the right amount of spices. Kids will love this one.

IMG 3851

BM’s TIP: There are a few ala carte foods you have to try at Hungry Dandan (note: price may vary)

1. Crispy pata hock. As i have mentioned at the top of the list, you have to try this whole. This is my all time favorite.

IMG 3854

2. Laing by request. If you are craving for this bicolano dish, just ask Hungry Dandan to prepare it a day or two in advance. Definitely delicious.

IMG 3853

3. Crispy kare-kare. From peanut butter to the bagoong all prepared from scratch, this is as good as it gets. Try it!

IMG 3852

4. Pata Tim. From one of their earlier menu, this will require 2 to 3 days in advance to order. What you will get is a sinfully delicious melt-in-your-mouth braised pork hock. You’ll never be disappointed.

IMG 3855

Hungry Dandan puts premium in making their foods delicious and let that wonderful taste do the talking. And that’s what sets them apart from the rest.

Hungry Dandan is available in major food delivery apps or you can visit the Hungry Dandan page and order directly or call at 0927-342-1999 email: I via Renato Jao