Food Trippin’ with BM

By Bicolano Man

Popular homegrown food chain 1st Colonial Grill is joining forces with an emerging Taiwanese food brand, Xinyi, in bringing Xinyi Chicken products to a bigger market. Your favorite Xinyi street foods are now available in all 1st Colonial branches except in SM Branches.

I was introduced to Xinyi foods about 2 years ago. It’s easy to eat, perfect if you are the type of person who’s always on the go or if youre simply feeling lazy cooking.

Here are some of my favorites at Xinyi :

1. Ji Pai – fried chicken except its flattened. Serving portion is big so definitely for sharing.

2. Gua Bao – this Taiwanese burger is a winner. The dough is so soft its almost velvety. The meat filling with herbs and cucumber is well balanced. It’s so hard to stop once you start eating this.

3. Xinyi Squid – I was expecting this to be a bit hard except it isn’t. Its tender to bite, not oily and just enough seasoning. Perfect for watching movies at the mall or at home.

4. Xinyi Chicken Pop – another hard-to-resist-can’t-put-it-down snack. I swear its that good.

5. Lu Rou Fan – this braised pork rice served with boiled egg and cucumber is the epitome of a perfect budget meal on the go.

So how to end this savory Xinyi food trip? How about this sweet, uber delicious halo-halo shake from the 1st Colonial menu. A perfect compliment to end a food trip on a sweet note.

Now that’s food trippin’!

IMG 3754
Ji Pai
IMG 3755
Gua Bao
IMG 3756
Xinyi squid
IMG 3757
Chicken pops
IMG 3758
Lu Rou Fan

Photos: Renato Jao