SSS-Bicol to collect P200K from 7 delq employers in Camalig

The Social Security System (SSS) Bicol division conducted a Relief Afforded to Challenged Employers (RACE) campaign to seven (7) delinquent employers in Camalig, Albay, on Friday, September 22.

SSS Bicol is expected to accumulate PHP 234, 530.79 established collectibles after visiting small and medium businesses in Camalig that failed to remit employees contributions.

In a press conference, SSS-Bicol Vice President Elenita Samblero said that the purpose of the campaign is to instill awareness regardless if they are a small, medium, or large employers.

“Dalawa kasi ang classification na napuntahan nating employers, one is non-registration, hindi talaga nag rehistro then yung isa is non remittance,” Samblero said.

SSS ran the campaign for nearly two years starting in 2022, collecting a total amount of 10.5 million pesos.

Samblero said that the number of employers subjected to RACE within the region is 168 where 2,027 employees are affected, 33 have fully met their obligations, 64 are either availed of the partial or installment option, 6 were referred to the legal department, 53 have asked for reassessment, and 6 are filed with cases in the court.


Before business establishments are subjected to the RACE campaign, the SSS visits the establishment to notify and provide a letter.

The SSS will then send a coverage letter in the case of an unregistered establishment and a billing letter in the case of a non-remittance. Both must be settled within 10 days with a 15-day extension; if the business establishments fails to do so, they will be rightfully subjected for the campaign.

Meanwhile, Atty. Ma. Charissa Velasco said that the SSS are not choosing who and where to conduct the RACE campaign because they need to cater all the business establishments depending on the number of their employees and if they really need to comply with the SSS.

“We really cover everyone, we’re trying to remind them that there are obligations that you should do for the SSS, actually may extension na 15 days,” Velasco said.

Velasco also said that there are employers who settled the case even without the campaign and those that are subjected to RACE were directly called to the office to comply with their obligations.

In Legazpi, there are 4,508 compositions of small and medium business establishments: 650 are regularly paying, 3,711 are intermittently paying, 143 are not paying, and 4 are new.

SSS continues to provide assistance and encourages all the employers to comply with their terms to avoid severe repercussions. I God Frey Las Piñas

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