SM Legazpi hosts various activities for youth on Earth Day

The mall’s Earth Day campaign this year focuses on empowering the young people by educating them on how to be effective environmental stewards through creative expression. By providing first-hand experiences will help instill in their minds that protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility and ultimately hopes that this will  help them grow into adults possessing a deeper sense of concern for the environment.

Students from St. Agnes Academy’s grade school took part in the event which had activities like 

storytelling, arts, and a sustainability tour around the mall area throughout the half-day event.

To educate the participants, the organizers also invited speakers from the Philippine Navy to share personal stories.

Commodore Joe Anthony Orbe emphasized the significance of this generation’s contribution to environmental protection in a message, emphasizing the necessity of participating in a revolutionizing effort to safeguard planet Earth’s future. 

“Climate change is a pressing issue that affects all of us, the good news is that there are many things we can do to protect our environment and our oceans,” Orbe said. | Aaron John Baluis