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Bicol.PH is a collaborative work of former ABS-CBN Bicol employees driven by their passion for public service thru information dissemination. On this page you can watch and read various stories of Bicolanos, from hard news to entertaining feature stories.

Mitch Villanueva – Executiver Producer

Jonathan Magistrado – Host

Mylce Mella – Host

Karren Canon – Anchor

Rizza Mostar – Desk/Editor

Joven Poñado – Technical Director/Gfx

Ariel Papalid – Cameraman/Editor

Dondon Poñado – Cameraman/Editor

Lea Laurio – PA

A. Gerard Lorbes – Admin

Frances Carleen Ogilvie – Marketing

Aireen Perol-Jaymalin – Chairman, FDM SC

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