Early Grade Learners in Bicol show progress after undergoing 8-week LRC

Legazpi City — A significant improvement in the performance of the identified Early Grade Learners in Bicol who have undergone series of remediation and catch-up activities as part of the implementation of the 8-Week Learning Recovery Curriculum (LRC), according to Department of Education Bicol.

DepEd Bicol Regional Director Gilbert Sadsad says initial data showed there were learners whose progress in their foundational skills in numeracy and literacy skills have improved after attending series of remediation activities as part of the LRC.

“We conducted a post assessment last October because we are interested to know how our learners fared during the implementation of the 8-Week LRC. The submitted reports from the 13 SDOs revealed that there is a significant increase in the number of learners whose basic numeracy and literacy skills have improved after attending series  of remediationactivities as part of the 8-week LRC.”, said Director Sadsad.

Education Program Supervisor Grace Rabelas noted progress on the reading profile of students tagged as full refresher from the previous school year. Rabelas said the number of full refresher learners both in Grades 2 and 3 have significantly reduced after attending series of remediation and catch-up activities. She also added that there is an increase in the number of learners considered as grade ready compared to last year’s assessment.

“The number of grade ready learners in Grade 2 (Mother Tongue) has increased by 18.04%, from 15.22% last year when they were in Grade 1, to 33.26% now that these learners are in Grade 2 after the implementation of the 8-Week LRC. Those who are Grade Ready in Filipino (Grade 3) has increased by 17.82%; from 24.98% last year when they were still in Grade 2 to 42.8% this school year now that they are in Grade 3, after the implementation of the 8-Week Learning RecoveryCurriculum.“, Rabelas explained.

The initial assessment and evaluation of the program was conducted using the Comprehensive Rapid Literacy Assessment (CRLA) which is a reading assessment designed to help teachers quickly determine the reading profiles of their G1-G3 learners and develop appropriate reading instructional strategies. 

The CRLA was administered by the Regional Office to around 400 thousand learners who participated in the implementation of the 8-Week LRC.

Meanwhile, DepEd Spokesperson Atty. Michael Poa who was also invited as one of the resource speakers in a press conference, lauded DepEd’s initiative of implementing a contextualized learning recovery plan for the Bicolano learners. 

He recognized DepEd Bicol as the first region to have conceptualized a Learning Recovery Plan that addresses the learning losses brought about by the pandemic.

“The 8-week Learning Recovery Curriculum of Region 5 is something worth discussing in the Management Committee Meeting with other regional directors so that other regions could also adapt this best practice.”, said Atty. Poa.

The 8-week LRC is an intervention designed for Grade 1 to Grade 3 learners who have acquired learning losses due to the pandemic. Schools who participated in the implementation of the said program temporarily set aside the full implementation of the curriculum for Grade 1-3 to focus on developing the foundation skills of learners in reading and numeracy.

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